Latest version: 1.3 build 14 (23/12/2005)

What is it?

It's a utility for editing skin files for XMPlay. It provides a reasonably-easy-to-use interface for editing the all-important skinconfig.txt file, and also the ability to perform some tests on the skin.

What do I need?

You need the Windows Installer, and XMPlay of course. You will also need the Visual Basic 6.0 runtimes if you don't have them. There are some other dependencies – I’ve included the more rare ones but not the common controls (TreeView, UpDown, etc) to save space. You should already have them anyway, but if you don’t then I can send you them.

Where do I get it from?

Here (about 201 kB).

How do I install it?

Unzip the file, and double-click on the MSI file inside. If it doesn't work then the most likely thing is that you don't have the Windows Installer.

Known bugs


1.3 build 14 (23/12/2005)

1.1 build 13 (14/4/2005)

1.1 build 12 (14/2/2005)

1.0 build 7 (18/8/2004)

0.2 build 5 [BETA] (11/8/2004)

0.2 build 3 [BETA] (10/8/2004)

0.1 build 1 [BETA] (9/8/2004)

For more information about it, see this thread at the XMPlay forums